Elegant historic residence in which the ancient stones tell the story of a past still alive in this land.

Following a skilful and accurate renovation that has been able to bring out the historical and original architectural elements, such as the stone staircase, today Dimora Lopez offers itself in all its simple beauty to those who wish to spend time in an intimate and suggestive place.in which the white plasterwork and the soft colours of the furnishings stand out.

The four bedrooms all have independent access from the secret garden, allwith private bathrooms with waterfall showers and every modern comfort.

There are two kitchens, one complete on the ground floor accessed by a flight of stone stairs and the other, in the garden, under a bamboo canopy with a modern grill/barbeque and lounge bar; wi-fi Ubiquity mesh makes staying in the ancient garden and in the shade of the ancient walls comfortable for those who want to combine it with entirely contemporary needs.


Delighting guests the secret gardena pleasant and delicate place that adds value and beauty to the Dimora, with its benches recovered from original stones, the centuries-old citrus trees, the unevenness recovered from the original garden layout, the dining table in coloured lava stone lava stone, a refined interpenetration of historicity and design elements.

The ideal setting for rediscovering smells and flavours on the table and savouring them slowly, as Salento cuisine deserves.

And all around the scents and colours of Salento nature, the wonder of typical architecture, and the liveliness of glittering summer nights.

Contact us to check availability and rates
Tel. +39 388 8354952

Contact us to check availability and rates
Tel. +39 388 8354952